Visitor Privacy

Your privacy and the protection of information is an important priority to us.

Our website privacy policy provides protection for those that visit.

Saasplications Pty Ltd (herein called “Saasplications”) is fully committed to maintaining partner and visitor privacy and will therefore only use your information to fulfill a request made on us, or as part of our daily business interactions with you.

All Saasplications partners acknowledge this, and are required to uphold our privacy stipulations which provide the opportunity for you to protect any information (including contact data) which you feel is applicable to a healthy ongoing business relationship.

Your information will not be sold/given or used in any other way without your permission (except if by law we are compelled or required to do so). Our sole purpose is to provide our partners and visitors with what they need, without any of the hassle or worries that come along with sharing information.

When you work with Saasplications you can have complete confidence that your information will not be shared or mined, because after all we are people just like you.

This website may contain links to other sites. Unless specifically stated, Saasplications is not responsible for the content or privacy practices of these sites.

Non-identifiable information about your computer hardware and software may be automatically sent and captured by Saasplications, for example your IP address, browser type, and the date/times/durations accessing this website. This non-identifiable information is only analysed by Saasplications to determine usage patterns that may assist us in making improvements to the website.


If you have any concerns about the privacy of your information please visit our contact page to let us know immediately or let us know via social media.