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Learn about becoming a partner with Saasplications and our partner programs.

Because our core platform technology supports multi-tenant and subscription capabilities, we’re always on the lookout for new partners to work with. Below are the programs available – designed around the level of involvement you’d like to have.


Agent Program

Agent’s sell the client solution for us, and receive a healthy commission both on the sale as well as ongoing revenue from the clients subscriptions.

As a Saasplications Agent, you may already have a complementary product to engage a client (end customer) with as well as some experience within either the ERP, CRM or Software Applications industries.

Agent’s tend not to focus on becoming experts in the Saasplications platform, however they are responsible for delivering an opportunity to us, as well as the work required in closing the opportunity.

In the Agent Program, Saasplications is responsible for the implementation of the project, and is involved directly with the customer for scoping and execution.


Reseller Program

Reseller’s sell the client solution directly to the customer on their terms, and are responsible for the implementation of the project and front line support.

A Saasplications Reseller will have experience in the ERP industry with skills and systems in house for project implementation and support.

A Reseller will specialise or be a subject matter expert in a particular client based industry and be better suited to position and apply the Saasplications platform in that industry. When opportunities arise within that client industry, Saasplications passes these leads to the Reseller.

In the Reseller Program, the Reseller is responsible for the implementation of the project, as well as ongoing front line support. Saasplications is responsible for working with the Reseller on the development of the platform to cater to an end clients specific industry needs.


White Label Program

For organisations wanting to build there own unique applications and systems a top the Sassplications’ core technology platform.

The White Label Program enables standalone organisations to launch into the marketplace their own system – provisioned across the Sassplications multi-tenant platform back end –  allowing any proprietary design, UI and code to be strictly limited to only their client base.

Within the White Label Program a complimentary business will have significant resources including design and development in house with a minimum of 3 dedicated application developers as well as the customer support, sales, and marketing resources required to generate significant business that is targeted towards a particular client base or industry type.

Become a Partner

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