Some of the ways we've help SME's continue to innovate the way they do business.

The Saasplications platform has been engineered from the ground up to adapt to the unique requirements of our clients and support their innovations across a number of disciplines.

SaaSplications Verticals are Industry Specific Systems for smaller companies with complex requirements that just want a system that understands what they do.

SaaSplications Bespoke is for larger more complex businesses that do not fit traditional business models and struggle to find usable solutions in a world of “Take it as it is” software solutions.  They know their business and how it should run


Streamline Your Furniture Business

Navigating the complexities of retail quoting for consumers or trade in the furniture industry can be challenging, especially as your business grows. Managing a network of stores and partners, handling changes in dimensions and features, and juggling various pricing calculations can be overwhelming. Our Furniture Business Management system is designed to simplify and optimize every step of the process, from the initial contact to product delivery.

With our user-friendly system, you can easily configure products with customers, leveraging system assistance and recent history to generate accurate quotes efficiently. Create product variants effortlessly and identify items that require customer decisions. Secure online deposits, and seamlessly track the build, whether it’s handled internally or by an external supplier—directly linked to the original order. Ensure final delivery only after receiving the last payment, and capture on-site photos as Proof of Delivery.

Our all-in-one system also simplifies financial management, including handling complex franchisee/franchisor inter-company transactions. As your business expands, the system adapts, allowing you to scale with additional retail outlets and resellers. Whether configuring and selling your products online or managing other companies’ products, our system offers a streamlined approach to training, pricing, and process management.

Scale your furniture business successfully with a comprehensive solution that unifies and optimizes your operations.


Elevate Your Distribution & Logistics Management with Saasplications

In the dynamic world of distribution and logistics, managing single or multiple warehouse facilities, addressing low stock situations, handling variable lot and expiry dates, and tracking various attributes such as organic and government certifications, assembly lines, sizes, styles, compatibility, accessory types, packaging, weights, and multiple transport companies or delivery vehicles can be a complex task. Without proper control, this complexity may lead to customer dissatisfaction and the misallocation of working capital.

Enter Saasplications Distribution & Logistics Management solution – a comprehensive answer to your business challenges. Our solution not only caters to fundamental requirements but can be tailored to meet your specific needs. It encompasses customer and supplier management, handles discounts, specials, promotions, and returns, facilitates budgeting, forecasting, and inventory stock replenishment, and adapts to changes in product life cycles and more.

Whether your business involves buying, selling, or distributing goods, the visibility, capabilities, and automation provided by Saasplications Distribution & Logistics Management solution will bring predictability to your operations, making running your business a more seamless experience


Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management


Saasplications Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management solution is an all-encompassing ERP platform designed specifically around addressing and solving your unique manufacturing, production and quality assurance challenges.

Unlike many off the shelf solutions that rely heavily on the costly integration of multiple 3rd party vendor platforms, reporting systems and databases, our solutions are industry specific, and designed for your manufacturing model and processes. This allows for adaptations targeted toward increasing efficiency, eliminating costly downtime, as well as enhancing production performance and visibility on a single platform.

In addition, and unlike many of the solutions in the marketplace, a Saasplications Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management solution also dovetails directly into your finance and logistics platforms for greater visibility across the business, and can easily extend information to web based wholesale and partner portals.


Perishable Goods Distribution


Please review our solutions for Perishable Goods Distribution page for more information.


Configurable Installable Products


Please review our solutions for Configurable Installable Products page for more information.


Optimize Your Shuttle Operations with Saasplications

For businesses dependent on real-time shuttle bookings or seeking to empower customers with the ability to check availability, schedule, and make payments for shuttle bookings seamlessly, Saasplications has the tailored solution for you. Our Shuttle Bookings solution is designed as an extension of our accounting platform, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

Explore the possibilities of offering your customers the convenience of booking and paying for shuttle services online through a personalised portal (hotel branded for example) which is mobile friendly. Our customisable solution is crafted to meet your unique requirements, providing a personalised and efficient experience for both your business and your customers.

Additionally, Saasplications has partnered with SAASASKI Booking Systems, specialists in designing Shuttle booking systems on the Saasplications platform. This collaboration ensures that you receive dedicated and expert support to enhance the capabilities of your booking and reservation processes. Reach out to us, and let’s tailor a solution that transforms and elevates your shuttle operations.


Elevate Your Expert Opinion Reports with SaaSplications

Streamline the creation of professional and defensible expert opinion reports with our comprehensive solution. Our Professional Services offering enables you to gather insights through complex questionnaires, incorporating diverse sources like photos, videos, and other documentary evidence. The result is a robust expert report, ensuring repeatability, efficiency, and enhanced control across all aspects of your business.

In the realm of Professional Services, having a solid support system can open doors to franchising opportunities. With SaaSplications, our system supports numerous franchises through a unified platform. Simplify management and training with shared components such as report templates, email templates and business processes. Customise at the franchise level where needed, adjusting elements like report sections, pricing and localised terms and conditions.

Our system facilitates seamless franchise operations by automating inter-company financial transactions, such as franchise fee invoices, based on business metrics. This not only enhances transparency but also reduces the likelihood of disagreements. Transform your professional services into a scalable and efficient business model with SaaSplications.


Event Management


Today, client organisations are constantly evaluating the impact, attendee profitability, brand awareness and ROI that their investment in a customised event or trade show provides. With this comes the requirement for event management organisations to consistently deliver value, visibility and control over the entire event life cycle from start to finish – something that manual processes simply can not accommodate.

If you are an event or meeting management business, or even run an internal marketing department, a Saasplications Event Management solution can handle the entire event life cycle from start to finish and beyond. Our event management solution can assist you at every stage of your next event—from managing venues, setting and tracking budgets, distributing event material, marketing your events and hosting online registration, to easing the check-in process, engaging your attendees onsite, and ultimately providing you with post-event reports to measure success.

In addition, and unlike many of the event management platforms in the marketplace, a Saasplications Event Management solution also has the flexibility to interact directly with your finance and logistics platforms to ensure control and tracking of invoices, payments, purchase orders, transport and location setup & take-down.

No matter the size or complexity of your next event, a Saasplications Event Management solution can be customised to deliver your specific needs.


Organic Products Based Business


Organic products are niche and consumers pay a premium. If you run a business that caries or specialises in the production of organic products we understand that you have some very unique requirements.

Many organic based businesses need to continuously maintain and strictly control levels of perishable and rare stock, as well as have the ability to track raw material lot numbers as they move through production and packaging phases to the end consumer for quality assurance.

In addition to this, organic certifications change and expire regularly based on raw ingredients on hand, so there is an emphasis to ensure that certifications are maintained to remain both compliant and organically certified.

Saasplications has experience working with organic producers and product retailers. We develop bespoke organic business solutions based on our client’s individual needs, as well as provide online order and tracking portals for retailers and distributors and eCommerce solutions for consumers. An organic business solution can also integrate directly with your accounting platform, as well as a manufacturing or supply chain solution to provide complete end-to-end visibility and control across your business.


Clothing Distribution


Please review our solutions for Clothing Distribution page for more information.


Effortless Tours Management with SaaSplications

If your business involves ticket sales for tours, coordinating a fleet of vehicles, managing driver schedules, arranging citywide pickups, attraction visits and drop-offs, and organising meals for the day, you’re likely navigating through multiple systems. Juggling payments to drivers, vehicle hire companies, attractions, and dining establishments, all while collecting from tour companies, concierges, and individual customers, can be a complex task. The question is, do you want to simplify this process?

With SaaSplications, we provide a comprehensive solution that streamlines your operations. If you’re a tour company with fixed tours or a diverse range of business models, our platform is designed to bring all these aspects into a unified solution.

Tour bookings can be online or from external systems or drag and dropped from emails into the system.

Enhance customer experience with SMS notifications for pickups, and improve relationships with drivers using a simple portal and with attractions through transparent and straightforward interactions. Whether you’re managing a fleet of buses across the country or overseeing various business models, SaaSplications has the capability to consolidate it all into a single, efficient solution.

Like a Demonstration?

To arrange a demonstration of an existing Saasplications solution, or to discuss building a bespoke application for your business, please get in touch with us via our contact page.