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Discover our software and online application development capabilities.

No matter the challenge – Saasplications has a wealth of experience and a range of services to help your business reach its full potential.

Online Business Applications

We have an online business application that will replace the mishmash of systems you are using.  The actual pieces that you will use will depend on your business. Some of our existing modules include:

> ERP, CRM, HCM, Expenses, SCM, WMS, 3PL
> PLM & Accounting
> Order Management
> Service Management
> Rosters
> Fixed Assets
> Vehicle Scheduling
> Waybills
> Barcode Scanning

Online & Mobile Application Development

Our system keeps all logic code on the server – so you can quickly create any interface you want to use the system – HTML5, Javascript, imbed in wordpress pages, PHP and Native phone apps.  Examples include:

> Customer & Anonymous Shopping Carts
> Booking Wizards
> Configuration Wizards
> Cloud Applications for Desktop
> Mobile & IOS/Android Applications

Software Integration & API Development

> External System Integration
> Customers & Supplier Integration
> Credit Card Gateways
> Paypal
> Online Payroll

Web Applications & Customer Portals

Getting your system into the hands of your customers brings them back, keeps them informed, provides timely and updated information and payments for your business and leads to happy and loyal customers.  Making it easy by providing the tools needed wherever  your employees, contractors and other business partners are reduces the friction in doing business and keeps the focus on serving the customer.

> E-Commerce, PoS & CMS Platforms
> E-Commerce Customer Shopping Carts
> E-Commerce Anonymous Shopping Carts
> Customer Portals
> Supplier Portals
> Driver Portals
> Installer Portals

Perishables & Forecasting

> Perishable Products
> Product Forecasting
> Serialised Products
> Clothing
> Configurable Products
> Installation Jobs
> Rentals
> Landed Costs
> Light Manufacturing

Franchise Solutions

If you want to build a franchise network – our solution is the best we have ever seen for simplification and automation.

> Franchisor/ee Relationships
> Transaction Automation
> Global Products & Service Definitions
> Global Customers
> Floating Bookings
> Orders
> Jobs
> Franchise Group Stock Mg’mt
> Inter-company Loan Automation

Need Assistance?

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