Perishable Goods Distribution

Perishable goods import, manufacture and distribution has some unique challenges.  Different customers have different expiry date requirements, certifications need to be tracked on suppliers, your recall process and stock take process must be auditable, to name a few.

If your business is involved in some/all of the following:

> Purchasing of perishable goods from local and overseas suppliers (landed costs)
> Batch and expiry date management
> Managing one or multiple warehouses as distribution centres (including 3PL)
> Taking regular orders from repeat customers – web, face to face, outbound and inbound calls
> Website not requiring duplication of stock, pricing, etc but using core system information
> Manufacturing processes (blending, re-bagging etc)
> Organic certification tracking, where used reporting, cold chain tracking
> Cartonising onto shippers, into boxes, etc
> Grouping deliveries into vehicle departures with route mapping
> Managing owned delivery vehicles and drivers as well as external transport providers
> Tracking hardware supplied to customers with related performance reporting (eg Fridges)
> Collecting cash and managing Stop Supply based on terms in high volume environment
> Supplier claims for promotions, discounts, returns and stock wastage with supporting documentation

The we likely have a small gap between existing solution and your business.


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