Clothing Distribution

Clothing distribution made easy

Running a Clothing Distribution company is difficult without clothing industry specific software.

Our software is extremely flexible – every customer is different and requires different industry specifics – we configure to suit your requirements.

An example is one of our customers that has special requirements for Seasons that our system manages.  Their Suppliers have a larger range than they can range so they choose what they think they will range by referring to sales history of similar products and then ask customers for seasonal orders .  Once they have customer commitments for a season – some items they expected to range and took orders for may not have the volume to range – so they then need to contact all those customers that wanted items they no longer plan to range and cross sell them into alternatives they are planning to range.   Our system makes this easy by using SKU Style groups in “Proposed” status, future dated orders that are in “Draft” status, Analytics of the season orders to make decisions, making it simple to move SKU style groups from “Proposed” to “Inactive” and lists of orders with non-ranging items for each sales rep to contact the customers and update.  Then in the later part of the season as suppliers start being unable to fulfill they have scarce stock situations so we provide dashboards by customer priority of the orders they can fulfill the most stock on the order to bring in the most revenue while making discounts and promotions easy to cross sell /up sell some of the slow moving stock.

An example from another customers is the complex customer ordering capabilities that we provide – Customers who want their own brand or unique colour options (ranges or styles that can only be sold to a small group of customers – we call this private SKU’s).  Customers who want to schedule multiple deliveries 6 months in advance, have you commit to having the stock (reserving it for them) and holding it until they are ready for it.  Customers that want imprest stock or expect to return unsold stock for a discount.  Modern high volume low margin website customers (like IKONIC) want a daily update of what is available on a day they could range, range what they like, expect quantities of the stock they range reserved for them for that day and shipped immediately then will drop that range the next day.  These customers also expect you to ship direct to their customer – but invoice them and honor returns with immediate refunds for those customers direct to the customer then claiming the refund from them.  There is also many other functions such as product returns that are then returned to the supplier, Supplier Promotions that result in Supplier Claims complex forecasting of non-seasonal stock and many more clothing industry specific requirements that few ERP systems can provide.

If your business is involved in some/all of the following:

  • Management of colour / size / style etc to n levels
  • Management of proposed purchase seasonal orders with suppliers inc samples
  • Customer group differential pricing and terms
  • Pre-selling proposed seasonal products to customers
  • Selling customer specialised product configurations (eg customer brands / colours etc)
  • Drop Ship direct to customer from supplier
  • Evaluation of preselling with view to whittling products to include in the season from suppliers
  • Adjusting customer seasonal orders based on products in the season
  • Removing whittled products and selling alternates
  • Website Mass Market (eg IKONOIC) reservations / release process
  • Receiving supplier stock from local and overseas (inc landed costs)
  • Multiple bar codes per item allowing for supplier changes without changing sold product all working with scanners
  • Managing one or multiple warehouses as distribution centres (including 3PL)
  • Barcode scanning for receipt / stock count / pick / pack
  • Cartonising for packing orders
  • Treating different customers differently for stock allocation
  • Refill sales and related forecasting and purchasing management
  • Run out stock management (available until sold)
  • Maximum revenue from remaining stock based on existing partially fillable orders
  • Pop up stores and related POS system
  • Supplier claims for promotions claiming back amounts offered including reports
  • Running a clothing business in a single system including financials, webstore, customer portal, stock, forecasting, sales, seasons – everything you need plus configured to run the way you run your business.

Then we have a solution for your individual needs.

Have a look at some of the online help for more details


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