About Us

Learn more about Saasplications and what drives us.

Who we are

With clients in Australia and across the world, Saasplications is a business software and online applications development firm that specialises in the configuration and delivery of our end-to-end online business system to suit individual businesses.

Our core focus is on working with small to medium sized businesses’ (SME’s) that desire a single seamless system across their business community.  Our solution is an ERP that is not only for the accountant and business managers, it is also for the drivers, packers, sales reps, warehouse managers, facility managers, customers, contractors, suppliers – for your business community across your enterprise – the true meaning of Enterprise Resource Planning.  Our smallest customer turns over $1M, our largest >$200M

We are an ethical, employee owned company.

How we’re different

How would you like it to work.

Our expertise is Small to Medium Businesses (SME) where we find many organisations have very profitable business models that have been learned through experience – but struggle to find supporting systems flexible enough to fit what they actually do.

Existing systems in the market have been built for the Accountant – with all other people in the business an afterthought, or requiring a partner solution from a “Marketplace”.

We knew there had to be a better way. So we built an incredibly flexible system designed to go the last mile for our customers.

Our system is so flexible we ask you “how would you like to do that” and configure the system the way you work now – or as is often the case – how you would like to work but have not been able to so far. When we do roll-out training it is common for employees to be amazed that a system can so closely fit what they do.

If you have ways of doing business that provides competitive advantage – we have a supporting system flexible enough to enable it.

Our expertise is in converting your business requirements into a supporting system in the cloud that is online all the time. You can open that new branch office or start that new franchisee in minutes.

No Hairball of solutions or “Modules” from multiple companies that “talk” but require different skill sets, reduce flexibility, slow change, divide your information and make it hard to get answers to simple questions.

Our People

Our people have decades of experience in providing software to businesses as a service. We have done this journey many times – most of our customers have not for some time.

We work very closely with each customer as a trusted advisor to provide value to their business.  Our people are experienced through dealing with thousands of organisations in listening to business requirements then architecting simple effective solutions.

Our people are driven by pride in our craft, a passion for building long-term relationships, and an appetite for continually delivering and evolving solutions that make our clients more competitive.

We believe that

Microsoft Excel® should never be part of the process.

Microsoft® Excel has without doubt revolutionised the way we all capture and manipulate data today, but how many times has your business resorted to using it (Excel) to cover a gap in your current processes or business application capability?

At Saasplications we believe in a business environment free from Excel dependency. Our application platform is designed with the flexibility to allow our clients to make adaptive and incremental changes over time – allowing them to future proof their investment with us.

Need Assistance?

For more information on Saasplications or to arrange a confidential discussion about your business application development needs, please get in touch with us via our contact page.