Our unique technology platform

Enabling us to work our magic is our unique development platform called ‘Genie’.

Based on Microsoft .NET, it has a proprietary architecture that allows developers to focus on business needs rather than technical issues.

Object Orientated Technology

There are two key fundamental differentiators in our platform/technology.  First, we have taken object-oriented (OO) technology to the point where we have achieved a true factory pattern of software development, whereas everyone else has a fancy workshop.  What this means is that we can pick & choose prebuilt re-usable components while everyone else has to write new code all the time.  What that means for you is high quality, very cost effective tailored solutions.

Function not coupled to Presentation

Second, the platform completely decouples client from server, or rather the functional layer from the presentation layer, allowing the same business rules/code to be used regardless of the device accessing that functionality – be it a desktop app, web browser or mobile app (Android/iOS) – the same server code is executed. This presents many advantages in terms of scalability, deployment, security etc.  Again, detailed for those interested here.

The ‘Genie’ Server Topology/Architecture

Need Assistance?

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