Our Difference

It's what we do differently that separates us from the rest.

There are some compelling advantages when choosing a Saasplications solution over an off-the-shelf ERP, Accounting and CRM product. Some of these advantages include:

Advisors When You Need to Change

A business purchases a software solution when something needs to change.  The current software is far short of requirements – or unable to flex to suit a new business model – or dated in it’s capabilities.  Could be growing pains or a change in direction.  Our employees have spoken with thousands of businesses in transition and helped them navigate from one side of the river to the other.

Our software is online and improvements are added constantly so you can opt to use functionality we add – or talk to us about changes you need and have us provide what you need within weeks.   Our aim is to have no customers feel a need to change.

Our rapid application development methodology has a focus on iterative changes – this enables your users to change their requirements as they start to use the early iterations and therefore ensures the best fit possible.

Lock in your Competitive Advantage

Every business is different and this is the source of competitive advantage.  How do you expect to make the most of your competitive advantage if your software does not align with what you do? Working around systems creates noise, confusion and distracts from the aim of the business.

Every business is continually changing and evolving due to competitive pressures, opportunities open up, others close down – business software needs to be flexible to cope.

Our system is streamlined, flexible and allows for iterations of adaption / use / adaption / use – to ensure we support your competitive advantage when first implemented and as your business evolves.

Experience Matters

At Saasplications we don’t pay people to get coffee. We are a collective of highly experienced and educated people with a holistic skill set that extends across strategy, project management, design development and programming.

We have a proven track record of developing applications across a diverse range of businesses types and industry segments, and our experience allows us to already account for both known and unknown challenges our clients may face before – not after – a solution is delivered.

Value for Money

Inevitably, we are less expensive. There are economies to using a specialist development firm such as ours, as we base our fees on your situation and not on a predetermined rate or a need for reaching a commoditised goal.

Because our solutions are developed specifically around our clients business model, clients also avoid having to pay for off-the-shelf ‘vanilla’ features they do not use, protracted licensing fees to third party’s and even large corporate sales and marketing costs that eventually get passed down to the client.

Efficient & Focused

Since we handle fewer concurrent projects than multinational corporates, our attention is undiverted. Clients don’t have to “compete” with another thousand businesses, some of which may be larger or more time demanding. We structure our work so that you receive maximum attention.

We’re faster and we can respond to client requests when needed. Clients needn’t worry about bureaucracy, delays, and unfamiliar people. Because our team is multi-skilled – we are able to appreciate and understand ahead of time your specific strategic and tactical requirements.

Anywhere Business

Our core platform is designed to allow our clients to do business anywhere. We provide seamless access to data and application interfaces in both a static and mobile nature, meaning whether your in the office; at home or on the road with your customer – there’s no need to adapt or change your processes to suit your location.

Need Assistance?

For more information on Saasplications or to arrange a confidential discussion about your business application development needs, please get in touch with us via our contact page.